Forschungsarbeit: Fiktion und Glaubwürdigkeit: Boris Chersonskijs Semejnyj archiv

Fiktion und Glaubwürdigkeit: Boris Chersonskijs Semejnyj archiv

Grazer Studien zur Slawistik, volume 11

Hamburg , 190 pages

ISBN 978-3-339-11298-9 (print)
ISBN 978-3-339-11299-6 (eBook)

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Truth or fiction? From our childhood on we learn to differentiate between „serious“, „daily“ texts on the one hand, and „playful“, „artistic“ ones on the other hand. However, what exactly is fiction and how are fictional texts to be recognized? A text’s true relationship to the reality is often hard to grasp without an extensive archive research. Therefore, the plausibility of the representation plays a crucial role. The notions of plausibility and probability are elaborated in this book based on theories of Aristoteles and Cicero and brought into connection with contemporary fictionality theories. Fiction can be recognized by means of markers on various levels – on the semantic one (content level), on that of the representation (form level), and on the pragmatic one (level of dealing with texts). A blend of multiple signals makes up the individual fictional strategy of every text.

Semeinyi arkhiv (‚Family archive‘) is a book of poetry by the Odessa-based author Boris Khersonskii. In Austria this collection of poems received the prestigious Literaris Price of Bank Austria and is available in German translation by Erich Klein and Susanne Macht. The discussed book portrays destinies of an extended Jewish family throughout the 20th century. Not a few critics and journalists perceived this oeuvre as an accurate account of the author’s family story and even called it „poetry non-fiction“. However, Khersonskii has often underlined that his book is a mixture of true and fictional stories. What attributes of the text bring about the above-mentioned wrong perception? How far does the text reveal and to what extent does it conceal its fictionality? How do photographs contribute to it? The present study analyzes Khersonskii’s Family archive and the way how it deals with fictionality. Thereby it is the first comprehensive research on this collection of poems in the German language Slavic studies.

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