Forschungsarbeit: Employment Model of Career Counsellors at Universities

Employment Model of Career Counsellors at Universities

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Studien zur Berufs- und Professionsforschung, Band 34

Hamburg , 132 Seiten

ISBN 978-3-8300-9841-6 (Print)

ISBN 978-3-339-09841-2 (eBook)

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For the development of the competence framework of career counsellors at universities we primarily explored in the theoretical part what competences a good counsellor should possess and what opportunities career counsellors have in European space to upgrade these competences.

In the framework of the qualitative part we got an in-depth insight into the opinions of three career counsellors: from Slovenia, from Austria, and from Portugal. The career counsellors brought the functioning of each of the career centres closer to us and pointed to the particularities that cannot be perceived from the outside – the particularities that the career centres which wish improvement, change, or just refreshment can take into account or include.

The qualitative research deepened and also corroborated the quantitative research, which showed us a broader picture of the skills and competences of career counsellors. The questionnaire referred namely to the level of development, opportunities for development, and the relevance of individual competences that we had formulated with the assistance of the theoretical background of the GCDF certificate. In the same way the same three countries also participated in the quantitative research. The results have shown us statistically significant differences in individual competences, especially among the countries, which additionally supported our assumption it made sense from general competence frameworks to formulate specialized country-specific competence frameworks. We have further learnt the competences are evidently interrelated. Especially evident is the correlation between the competences that relate to specific content skills. In addition to the correlation also the predictor of the rating of the models of career development showed us the impact on the variables that related to specific content knowledge or skills.

Also an important achievement is the production of the competence framework we have precisely formulated according to the obtained outcomes and – differently than in other competence frameworks – also arranged the competences by significance. The KFC framework is formulated in the way it offers upgrading in the direction of producing frameworks for precisely specified areas of work, for different target groups of counselees or specialized separately for each individual country.

The work concludes with the presentation of the employment model and of the application procedure in career centres for the purpose of employment interviews. With its distinct structure the model offers a guided execution of the interview.


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