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Active Healthy Aging

Proceedings of the International Conference of Sports and Neuroscience „Active Healthy Aging, AHA 2015“, 2nd–5th September, Magdeburg, Germany

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Schriften zur Sportwissenschaft, Band 137

Hamburg , 236 Seiten

ISBN 978-3-8300-9124-0 (Print) |ISBN 978-3-339-09124-6 (eBook)

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This question has been of interest to mankind for a long time. The average lifetime has grown constantly across the last 150 years; however, what really matters is a long healthy life span.

But what is to do?

Normal aging is associated with the decline of physical and cognitive abilities along with structural and neurophysiological changes in the brain and the remainder of the body.

Lifestyle factors such as physical activity, education and nutrition are able to slow down or counteract the progression of age-related cognitive, physical and neurophysiological declines.

As the proportion of the world`s elderly population continues to increase, an interdisciplinary discussion on active healthy aging is crucial to address the challenges and burdens placed on global health, economic, industrial, financial, and social systems posed by age-related illnesses and problems. It is an unprecedented challenge to look from so many perspectives on the process of aging and work jointly across different scientific disciplines in order to recommend people successful aging strategies.

The conference offered an ideal opportunity for basic scientists, clinicians, and practitioners to engage in discussions relevant to the topic of “Active Healthy Aging?. Researchers from fields of sport science, medicine, neuroscience physiology, nutrition, gerontology and cognitive science took part in a lively exchange of their expert opinions.

The conference highlighted the most recent developments, results, and trends in this rapidly evolving discipline.

This compendium of papers presented at this conference demonstrates the diverse approaches to “Active Healthy Aging? or to “How to age successfully?.

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