Dissertation: Lebenslange berufliche Bildung in der Wissensgesellschaft

Lebenslange berufliche Bildung in der Wissensgesellschaft

Eine Auseinandersetzung mit dem Zusammenwirken von Mensch, Staat und Wirtschaft in der Wissensgesellschaft sowie mit der Ausrichtung von lebenslangem Lernen und den daraus resultierenden Problemen, Herausforderungen und Konsequenzen für die berufliche Bildung

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Studien zur Berufs- und Professionsforschung, volume 27

Hamburg , 506 pages

ISBN 978-3-8300-8533-1 (print) |ISBN 978-3-339-08533-7 (eBook)

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Currently, a change takes place in modern societies to knowledge societies. An adequate education system must provide appropriate competencies, both in general and in vocational education. It's not just about the intercession of new content, but also to the training of the ability of individuals to participate in lifelong learning independently and to acquire knowledge themselves. This raises the question of whether the existing education system in Germany is fit for the future.

The problems that exist in the German education system in the transition to a knowledge society, have indeed been recognized sufficiently. The federal government has also react with many different programs and activities. Whether these are suitable to deal with the problems, is more than questionable. Many measures are aimed at only to produce short-term good usable workers for the labor market but not individuals with comprehensive learning skills who are sufficiently prepared for requirements for a lifelong learning. But there are already a number of necessary reform considerations of various actors on structural developments of the (vocational) education system for a knowledge society. To preserve the future viability of the (vocational) education system, the access to education must be guaranteed for all and for free. This allows people to expand their skills steadily and they can react flexibly to changes in a knowledge society in the professional and private life.

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