Forschungsarbeit: Der Spätzeitsarg der Schep-en-Hor im Naturalienkabinett und Stadtmuseum Waldenburg

Der Spätzeitsarg der Schep-en-Hor im Naturalienkabinett und Stadtmuseum Waldenburg

Schriften zur Ägyptologie, volume 3

Hamburg , 214 pages

ISBN 978-3-8300-8511-9 (print)
ISBN 978-3-339-08511-5 (eBook)

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The inner coffin of the ‘noble mistress of the house’ Schep-en-Hor (Inv.-Nr. NAT I 1828 A2) is one of the most impressive exhibits of the ‘Naturalienkabinett und Stadtmuseum Waldenburg‘ (Saxony). Since it was bought in 1846, it has received little scientific attention, despite its very good condition. The oldest known evaluation of it was written by the former professor of Archaeology of the Leipzig University, Gustav Seyfarth, in the hope of determining the coffin’s purchasing price before it was bought by the museum. Only two descriptions in catalogues followed (Georg Steindorff 1937 and Angela Onasch 1999).

Sabrina Herrmann analysed the coffin’s iconography in her M.A. thesis (Leipzig Institute of Egyptology, 2011). Billy Böhm analysed its inscriptions in his 2014 M.A. thesis at the same institution, narrowing down the date of the production of this material to the period 650 – 625 BC. Aside from its scientific importance, the coffin also provides an illustrative example of the handling of Egyptian artefacts in the 19th century. The relocation and incorporation of Aegyptiaca into selected collections of German museums is thus outlined in this study as well.

Furthermore, there is varied evidence that the owner of the coffin was a woman of Nubian origin. This example of a Theban coffin from the Asasif dating to the beginning of the 26th dynasty demonstrates that the family of Schep-en-Hor was very well integrated into the Egyptian society. Nonetheless, despite acculturation and/or assimilation, foreigners were also able to express, depict, and preserve their individuality with their monuments.

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