Doktorarbeit: An Information Architecture Framework for Enhancing Privacy in Social Network Applications

An Information Architecture Framework for Enhancing Privacy in Social Network Applications

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INTERNET – Praxis und Zukunftsanwendungen des Internets, volume 7

Hamburg , 306 pages

ISBN 978-3-8300-4976-0 (print)
ISBN 978-3-339-04976-6 (eBook)

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Innovative web applications such as social network applications have experienced tremendous growth rates and have changed our communication behaviour and the way we express ourselves during the last few years. While providers of social network applications benefit from the increasing amount of personally identifiable information that is willingly displayed through their websites and processed on the Internet, risks of data misuse threaten the information privacy of individual application users and the providers’ business model. The privacy protection of social network application users has also gained political momentum spurring the interest of advocacy groups and governments that want to protect their main constituents such as online consumers, children, young adults and citizens in general.

This publication addresses privacy risks that exists when using social network applications and describes research that was conducted to determine the main requirements for developing privacy-enhanced social network applications. The solution artifact that resulted from the conducted research constitutes an information architecture framework. It describes the most essential design elements and technical requirements for the development of a privacy-enhanced social network application and addresses mainly application developers and providers of such services. The book puts a special emphasis on the research method used to develop the solution artifact: Expert interviews were performed using a Delphi method in order to reach consensus on diverse and sometimes conflicting recommendations for the needed solution.

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