Forschungsarbeit: Das Fest der Farben – Farben und ihre Beziehungen

Das Fest der Farben – Farben und ihre Beziehungen

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Schriften zur Kunstpädagogik und Ästhetischen Erziehung, volume 14

Hamburg , 178 pages

ISBN 978-3-339-13406-6 (print) |ISBN 978-3-339-13407-3 (eBook)

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  Colors are among the factors that people perceive most quickly. They influence our thinking, our ideas and our decisions, not only in advertising. In addition, a color never stands alone, but always has an interaction with its neighboring color. Even if a color surface is only on a white paper, it has a special effect that is different from that on a colored or patterned paper. Therefore, the emphasis in this book is on color relationships: Monochromatic (single color), color similarity, color contrasts and spatial effect of colors.

The author explains all color relationships using numerous, typical works of art, for which she lists concrete effects and possible interpretations. For example, a low-contrast painting can appear boring, tensionless and dreary or peaceful, clear and calm, and large contrasts can create aggressiveness, restlessness, strong tension or activity, stimulation and joy of life. - The restriction to objects of visual art is deliberately chosen. So you can compare the designs better. In principle, the laws of color combinations can also be applied to design objects, photographs, interior design, fashion or advertisements.

To deepen the understanding of the individual color relationships, the explanations are supplemented by scientific findings from the fields of physics, physiology and psychology. These include, for example, the evolutionary significance in the cold and warm perception of colors or the physical relationships of air perspective.

After reading this vividly and entertainingly written work, you will be able to better judge and understand works of art, photographs and other visual worlds, and also achieve very strong and memorable effects with a purposefully used composition.

about the author

Friederike Wiegand taught fine art and physics in high schools for forty years. In addition to museum education, annual exhibitions of student work and participation in competitions, her focus has been on image viewing and color. In addition, she has written a book: The Art of Seeing – A Guide to Image Viewing (Daedalus Publishing, 2012/2019).

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