Forschungsarbeit: Die Daoistische Kampfkunst Baguazhang

Die Daoistische Kampfkunst Baguazhang

Die chinesische Philosophie in der Praxis des Inneren Wushu

Schriftenreihe Philosophische Praxis, volume 7

Hamburg , 228 pages

ISBN 978-3-339-11802-8 (print)
ISBN 978-3-339-11803-5 (eBook)

Vielmehr ist es eine Lebenslehre, eine Lebensphilosophie, was durch den überzeugenden Bezug zur Daoistischen Philosophie deutlich wird.
Das erste mir bekannte Werk, das in deutscher Sprache eine Darstellung des Baguazhang im Kontext der Daoistischen Philosophie wagt.
Dr. Tim Nebelung

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Bagua Zhang means „eight sign hand“. It is more than martial arts and more than some sports. It can be a way to self improve and self cultivate. A way to be.

As the Autor has collected many experiences in meditation and Japanese and chinese martial arts he shows of in this work a precisely strucured analysis of daoism. Moreover the daoism is filled in with the practice of Bagua zhang. This combination makes the book as incomparable and unique.

Although without knowledge of philosophy or martial arts the reader gets into the matter immediately because of the authors understandable and precise language and clear structure of his work.

It makes the beginner of martial arts curious for more and helps the martial art student to improve his own way of practicing in a deep kind of way.

The work can be mentioned as a continuance of the lifework of great Chinese masters like Sun Lutang or Dong Haichuan.

Its a book for those who love aesthetic movements and the beauty of life.

It will be an enrichment for all who are interesest in the unity of body and mind and the truth behind.


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