Forschungsarbeit: Die frühe Prosa Vera Linhartovás im surrealistischen Kontext

Die frühe Prosa Vera Linhartovás im surrealistischen Kontext

Versuch einer methodischen, literaturgeschichtlichen Einordnung der Werke Dum Daleko, Prostor k rozlišení und Rozprava o zdviži

Studien zur Slavistik, volume 44

Hamburg , 150 pages

ISBN 978-3-8300-9992-5 (print)
ISBN 978-3-339-09992-1 (eBook)

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Czech surrealism is a phenomenon that continues to this day. Among Mikuláš Medek and Milan Nápravník, the promising young author Vera Linhartová also belonged to the Prague surrealist group for a short period in the mid-20th century. During this time she wrote most of her early, Czech-language prose. A little later, the author left the group and in the course of the suppression of the Prague Spring in 1968, the country. Since then, like Milan Kundera, she continues her work in French in Paris.

When her works initially acted as insider tip, the author fell after her emigration quickly into oblivion. Research gradually rediscovers its interest in an exceptional writer, who made a significant contribution to the specific shape of Czech surrealism. Nonetheless, a methodically sound investigation of her works in the context of surrealism was still lacking.

For the first time, the study provides an analysis of Linhartová's selected narratives against the background of surrealistic themes and techniques: dream, unconscious and game as well as ecriture automatique are centralize in the analysis. The metafictional narrator is examined in his function of implementation of aesthetic demands of a non-organic, surrealistic work of art. The methodological starting point is the manifestos and writings of French surrealism around André Breton. This happens in the light of the fact that the Paris surrealist group acted as a decisive pacesetter and reference value for the Czech version. Last but not least, it is only in the light of this reference that the specifics of Czech surrealism, such as the noetics in Linhartová's works, can be profoundly outlined.

The study provides an independent and revealing interpretation of one of the most outstanding avant-garde authors and concludes a desideratum of literary research. German translations of original quotations are provided.

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