Forschungsarbeit: Stephan Krismer – Ein Glaubenspionier in bewegten Zeiten (1777–1869)

Stephan Krismer –
Ein Glaubenspionier in bewegten Zeiten (1777–1869)

Priester im Tiroler Freiheitskampf von 1809 und Klostergründer

Studien zur Kirchengeschichte, Band 31

Hamburg 2017, 92 Seiten
ISBN 978-3-8300-9793-8 (Print & eBook)

1809, Andreas Hofer, Diözese Innsbruck, Geschichtswissenschaft, Glaubenspionier, Karrer Stöffele, Karres, Kirchengeschichte, Klostergründer, König Friedrich August II, Kronburg, Priester, Religionswissenschaft, Stephan Krismer, Theologie, Tirol, Tiroler Freiheitskampf

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This is the story of the spirituality and the perseverance of Father Stephan Krismer, a faithful priest. Stephan Krismer was born on December 25, 1777, in Karres, Austria. He was a Catholic priest, who provided aid and comfort to his fellows. After his education and ordination in Brixen, Krismer ministered in Arzl until the breaking out of the insurrection against the French and the Bavarian government, to which Tyrol had been lately transferred. Krismer supported Andreas Hofer, a celebrated Tyrolese patriot, in an engagement near Mount Isel (Innsbruck) in 1809. But, the Austrian army being withdrawn after the battle of Wagram, the country was once more invaded by the French and Bavarian troops.

After the insurrection against the French government Krismer returned to pastoral care and founded three monasteries (Ried, Imst and Kronburg). Dedicated to the people he served, he visited the sick and came to the rescue of the desperately poor.

The book ist about the life of a faithful priest and about serving in the church even in difficult times. Stephan Krismer had an unshakeable faith in God, love for the Church and attention for the sick, suffering and alienated people of his time.

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