Dissertation: Central Problems Related to the Implementation of Employee-Driven Innovation in Large Firms

Central Problems Related to the Implementation of Employee-Driven Innovation in Large Firms

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Schriftenreihe innovative betriebswirtschaftliche Forschung und Praxis, volume 481

Hamburg , 254 pages

ISBN 978-3-8300-9610-8 (print) |ISBN 978-3-339-09610-4 (eBook)

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Nowadays, a significant turnaround is taking place. In order to be successful, large firms no longer rely solely on R&D-based innovation. The view on innovation is being widened so as to include promising sources of innovation outside the boundaries of R&D departments. A progressive opening of the innovation processes is taking place. In this context, employee-driven innovation is seen as a promising source of innovation. The idea that every employee can contribute to the innovativeness of a firm resulted in the development that employee-driven innovation has more and more moved into the focus of firms.

The internet offers multiple myths and stories. They tell how large established firms successfully motivate their employees to participate in innovation, collect their innovative ideas, and transform them into valuable products and processes. However, these success stories do not represent the reality which large firms are confronted with. In reality, the inappropriate politics and measures of large manufacturing firms often result in several problems when applying employee-driven innovation. One consequence is that firms fail to achieve the desired results from this type of innovation.

This book is dedicated to this topic which is often kept in secret by firms. It reveals the problems that large, research-intensive, manufacturing firms are confronted with when applying employee-driven innovation. By analyzing these problems, and by providing explanations of their causes, new ways of thinking are provoked and factors that are decisive for the success of employee-driven innovation are pointed out. This work is based on an inventory analysis in several large, research-intensive firms. It offers strategies for a more successful use of employee-driven innovation and contains a set of proven best-practice examples.

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