Dissertation: Der Missbrauch von anabol-androgenen Steroiden im freizeitorientierten Bodybuilding – Risikoanreize und Schutzfaktoren

Der Missbrauch von anabol-androgenen Steroiden im freizeitorientierten Bodybuilding –
Risikoanreize und Schutzfaktoren

Eine empirische Untersuchung von hyperinkludierten Körpermodellierern

Schriften zur Sportwissenschaft, volume 125

Hamburg , 242 pages

ISBN 978-3-8300-8120-3 (print)
ISBN 978-3-339-08120-9 (eBook)

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Recent data has revealed a significant number of anabolic-androgenic steroid (AAS) users among non-professional bodybuilders, consuming substances autonomously and in exceeding amounts. The core interest of this publication consists in an individual-centered elaboration of risk incentives and protective factors, concerning AAS abuse among non-professional bodybuilders, with and without pertinent substance abuse, to extract preemptive measures from the results and generate applicable and adequate consulting approaches against such an abuse for the target group in the future.

Only hyper-included bodybuilders have been interviewed in the context of this research. Through this precondition, it became possible to make comparisons and evaluate significant differences between users and non-users.

The findings indicate an increased identification with the hyper-muscular body through the use of steroids, which results in habitual and addictive structures in the substance abuse. Every additional muscle fiber forms the ego and becomes part of the hard-earned personal identity, developing into a highly symbolic mode of self-esteem and public appreciation among many interviewees. The subjectively perceived advantages of anabolic abuse create a downward spiral among most users, being increased by accumulated external appreciation as well as effects on the self-perception and reinforced through severe side effects of discontinued substance abuse.

Concerning the protective factors, the results of this work show a lowered risk of steroid consumption among hyper-included non-users, who are not striving toward an AAS-body. Typically, this group pursues the objective of shaping an athletic and muscular body without necessarily trying to obtain the physique of AAS-induced dimensions. As a consequence, the prevailing ideal body image can be seen as crucial factor to reduce the risk of steroid abuse in the respective target group.

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