Dissertation: Beiträge zum Management der Qualität von Kundendaten im CRM

Beiträge zum Management der Qualität von Kundendaten im CRM

Studien zur Wirtschaftsinformatik, volume 86

Hamburg , 184 pages

ISBN 978-3-8300-7853-1 (print)
ISBN 978-3-339-07853-7 (eBook)

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Besides economic and valuation oriented aspects, also information and communication systems are necessary in CRM. That is, CRM processes, such as campaign management, have to be supported by suitable CRM systems. Thereby, customer data stored in a CRM system build a starting point for the execution of CRM processes. Thus, the efficiency of CRM and the resulting increase in company value is highly dependent on the quality of the underlying customer data.

As a starting point of this work the current state of the art in CLV research is presented and possible applications, future challenges, and development potentials are discussed. Afterwards, the theme data quality in CRM is studied in depth. Therefore, a probability based metric for measuring currency and an indicator function for determining accuracy of data in an information system are developed. The latter is based on approaches for measuring completeness, consistency, and currency of data. A major prerequisite for a metric based measurement of currency is the knowledge of potential factors influencing the currency of a data value. In recent years, especially Online Social Networks gained more and more attention. Hence, influencing factors for measuring currency of data in Online Social Networks are determined within an empirical analysis. As a specific context acts the business network XING. Based on the results of the metric for currency, decisions have to be made within data quality management. That is, one has to decide whether to update or not update the respective data. Consequently, an economic decision model is developed whereby inter-subjectively verifiable decisions on updating data in an information system can be made. The applicability and utility of artifacts developed within this book are demonstrated within campaign management, respectively.

This study builds upon the current state of the art in CRM and data quality management research. It mainly addresses Marketing and IT executives, who aim at increasing efficiency of their CRM processes by making targeted use of the measurement and improvement of data quality in CRM.

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