Dissertation: Therapie frühkindlicher Regulationsstörungen: eine Metaanalyse

Therapie frühkindlicher Regulationsstörungen: eine Metaanalyse

Schriften zur Entwicklungspsychologie, volume 41

Hamburg , 154 pages

ISBN 978-3-339-12118-9 (print)
ISBN 978-3-339-12119-6 (eBook)

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The present publication examines the treatment of infant regulatory problems. It contains a systematic review leading up to a meta-analysis in which the most current scientific research has been included. That makes this the first published meta-analysis comparing different forms of psychological intervention for treating infant regulatory disorders.

Expert groups speak of infant regulatory disorders if a child is overly struggling to sooth themselves or rather when those struggles persist for longer than usual. This may usually happen during the first year of life and show effect in excessive crying, sleeping- or feeding behavior disorders. But also impulsive, defiant or fearful behavior may occur.

This meta-analysis too examines excessive crying, sleeping- and feeding disorders as well as disorders of emotional expressiveness. It compares the effectiveness of three different treatment approaches: psychoeducation, trainings the parents attended and counseling. All those psychological interventions were then viewed in comparison to a group of children who received an unspecified treatment as usual (TAU).

We were able to show that it is most important to take the parents seriously in their suffering und need for help. Furthermore the results presented counseling for the parents to be the most effective in reducing the shown ailment.

Even though only twelve studies were eligible to be included in the meta-analysis at hand, which calls for more research in this area, this book may still be of interest regarding the genesis, prevention, diagnostics and therapy of infant regulatory disorders.

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