Forschungsarbeit: Soziologie der Persönlichkeit

Soziologie der Persönlichkeit

als spezielle soziologische Theorie

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Soziologische Theorien in der Diskussion, volume 9

Hamburg , 112 pages

ISBN 978-3-339-10654-4 (print) |ISBN 978-3-339-10655-1 (eBook)

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This book on the sociology of personality is characterized in its entirety by its original and inspiring treatment of the problems. It aims to help close an obvious gap in the system of sociological disciplines and study programs. In most university institutions, this topic is addressed only in the context of socialization or not at all. The present study by Günter Gutsche shows wherein the specific level of abstraction of a particular sociology of personality exists in juxtaposition to psychological theory and how one can arrive at an adequate sociological research. Therefore, basic theoretical questions of a sociology of personality are considered, basic concepts discussed and definitions offered.

In general, one agrees in the social sciences that the current social development brings with it a further individualization of all social action processes. This requires an increase in the individuals’ own commitment to the exercise of their interests. Trade unions, parties and their ideologies no longer provide the crucial orientation framework for people. In this context and against the background of digitization, the author also sheds light on the future of work. For sociological research this requires a greater emphasis on problems of personality formation as a social subject. According to the author, this approach to sociological personality research goes beyond the concept of socialization and social learning. The book shows which new theoretical and methodological considerations are needed to empirically grasp the personality as an actor in social change. The research of social types of personality and the analysis of their mental attitudes turn out to be the main way. The publication sees itself as an introduction to this problem and as an invitation to continue thinking.


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