Dissertation: Chegado na passagem – Transkulturelle Lyrik brasilianischer Autoren

Chegado na passagem – Transkulturelle Lyrik brasilianischer Autoren

Studien zur Romanistik, volume 26

Hamburg , 366 pages

ISBN 978-3-8300-7836-4 (print)
ISBN 978-3-339-07836-0 (eBook)

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We live in a world characterized as much by globalization as claims of local specificity. A growing number of people are continuously on the move, and simultaneously at home in a worldwide networked culture. Therefore, new concepts of space and place are emerging in literature. In this context a natural question stems from the reciprocal interaction between movement and localization. With the help of these categories this study analyses the contemporary poetry of three Brazilian poets – Age de Carvalho, Simone Homem de Mello and Ricardo Domeneck – who live in Germany and Austria.

This study interrogates how the poems negotiate models of a transcultural environment, which is marked both by globality and locality. Moreover, it demonstrates how descriptions of space serve as the basis for negotiations of identity as well as metalyrical reflections. Movement and localization are understood therefore not as binary oppositions; instead it is assumed that in the 21st century they typically relate to each other.

The study also includes three previously unpublished interviews with the poets.

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