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Security – Threats, Law and Organization (Sammelband)

Security – Threats, Law and Organization

Schriften zu Mittel- und Osteuropa in der Europäischen Integration

Security research shows the relationship between security and threats on the one hand and the law and organization on the other. In the context of relationships with the law, the point is primarily to determine whether and to what extent legal regulations allow authorities to counteract threats. This becomes particularly evident when public safety is threatened,…

BrandschutzCultural PropertyFire BrigadesFire ProtectionFire SafetyGroßschadensereignisHochwasserschutzKatastrophenschutzKulturgüterschutzNatural DisastersNatural HazardsNaturkatastrophenÖffentliche SicherheitPolice LawPolitikwissenschaftPolizeirechtPublic SafetyRechtswissenschaftSecurity LawSicherheitsrechtSozialwissenschaftTerroristische BedrohungTerrorist Threat
Management Contexts in Security Institutions (Sammelband)

Management Contexts in Security Institutions

Schriften zu Mittel- und Osteuropa in der Europäischen Integration

This publication is an attempt to depict major problems regarding management of institutions in charge of public security. The study takes into account aspects such as civil protection, safety of population in emergency situations and crisis management. Security-related research reaches strategic significance when it sets the course of actions, is future-related,…

Civil ProtectionCrisis ManagementCyberangriffeCyberattacksCyberbedrohungenCyberconflictCybersicherheitDigitalisierungFire ProtectionFlüchtlingskriseHackerJugendkriminalitätJuvenile CrimeKrisenmanagementLandesverteidigungMigrant CrisisNational DefenceNationale SicherheitÖffentliche SicherheitPolice LawsPolizeirechtPublic SafetySchengen AgreementSecurity InstitutionsSicherheitsrisikenZivilschutz
An Analysis of Road Traffic Accidents Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) (Dissertation)

An Analysis of Road Traffic Accidents Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

The Case of Nairobi City, Kenya

Verkehrspolitik in Forschung und Praxis

Road traffic accidents remain a daunting public health problem with an estimated 1.2 million people killed annually worldwide. Some 50 million persons are injured and incapacitated in road crashes around the globe every year. Developing countries, which have been experiencing an ever increasing number of road deaths and injuries, are the hardest hit, accounting…

Accident AnalysisCountermeasureDeveloping CountriesGeographic Information SystemGISGlobal Positioning SystemGPSKenyaLocation ReferencingNairobiPolitikwissenschaftPublic HealthRegionale FallbeispieleRoad CrashesRoad DeathsRoad InjuriesRoad PolicyRoad Safety PolicyRoad Traffic AccidentsUnfallanalyseVerkehrsforschungVerkehrsplanungVerkehrspolitikVerkehrsunfall