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Reliability and Validity of the Skijumping Technique Factors (Forschungsarbeit)

Reliability and Validity of the Skijumping Technique Factors

Schriften zur Sportwissenschaft

The new book by the experienced authors in sports presents research in the ski jumping technique based on selected dynamic and kinematic factors.

Ski jumping is a technically challenging sport and the most important for jump realization are stability, reliability and validity.…

Accuracy Performance Ski jumping Skispringen Sportwissenschaft Stability
Expert Modeling of Athlete Sport Performance Systems (Forschungsarbeit)

Expert Modeling of Athlete Sport Performance Systems

Schriften zur Sportwissenschaft

The development of a competitive sports culture is impossible without the appropriate organizational structures. Successful development of organizational sports culture depends on the successful fulfilment of roles by numerous individuals within its structure. An important value of competitive sport is of…

Kinematic Analysis of Basketball Shooting (Forschungsarbeit)

Kinematic Analysis of Basketball Shooting

Application of Different Technologies

Schriften zur Sportwissenschaft

This scientific monograph is a result of research work in the area of the study of the kinematics of a shot at the basket, which has been the central focus of the authors Frane Erculj and Matej Supej in the last decade. Along with the development of science and the profession, the technology used by the…

Basketball Coach Development Performance Sports Sportwissenschaft Technology
Antizipation von Fußballtorhütern (Doktorarbeit)

Antizipation von Fußballtorhütern

Untersuchung zur Konzeption einer kognitiven Leistungsdiagnostik im Kontext der sportwissenschaftlichen Talentforschung

Schriften zur Sportwissenschaft

Für Fußballtorhüter ist die korrekte Antizipation der Schussrichtung oftmals Voraussetzung für eine erfolgreiche Abwehr eines Torschusses. Bislang wurde das Antizipationsverhalten von Fußballtorhütern fast ausschließlich in Elfmetersituationen erforscht. Um das Antizipationsverhalten in unterschiedlich komplexen…

Antizipation Eye-Tracking Fußball Leistungsdiagnostik Talentforschung Torhüter