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The Behavioral Impact of Non-Monetary Workplace Characteristics (Doktorarbeit)

The Behavioral Impact of Non-Monetary Workplace Characteristics

Laboratory and Field Experimental Evidence

Schriftenreihe innovative betriebswirtschaftliche Forschung und Praxis

This thesis covers four independent research articles on the behavioral impact of selected non-monetary workplace characteristics – i.e. employee voice, task characteristics, and the provision of information – on workers’ individual decision making and workplace performance.

Given the neoclassical assumption of purely self-interested and completely…

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Not Just for the Money, but What For? (Doktorarbeit)

Not Just for the Money,
but What For?

An Experimental and Empirical Analysis of Immaterial, Tangible and Monetary Incentives


One of the great challenges in personnel economics is how to align employee’s best interest to that of the employer. The literature on incentive theory has up to now focused mostly on monetary incentives. Indeed, many facts speak in their favor. Money is storable, fungible, easily tradable, and mainly independent of the recipient’s preference because of its option…

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