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Sino-German Communication Interferences in Intercultural Teamwork: A Postmodern Approach (Dissertation)

Sino-German Communication Interferences in Intercultural Teamwork: A Postmodern Approach

Schriften zur Kulturwissenschaft

Previously, research on multinational teamwork with various nationalities and cultures involved, which looked at the aspect of communication, was largely based on the examination of specific facilitators and barriers to its communication. There it was found that multinational teams might have specific communication…

ChinaChineseChinesenDeutscheGermanGroupsGruppenarbeitIntercultural CommunicationInterkulturelle KommunikationKommunikationsstörungenLinguistikSoziologieTeamarbeitTeamworkWirtschaft
Individual Cultural Intelligence (Dissertation)

Individual Cultural Intelligence

A Comparison to Other Individual Models of Intercultural Success, Its Assessment, and Individual Cross-Cultural Metacognition in Learning and Training



Organizational success in international business depends heavily on the individual’s ability to manage cross-cultural interaction. There is a growing organizational demand to assess and train individual’s cross-cultural flexibility and self-regulated learning ability in cross-cultural contexts.…

Cross-cultural successCultural IntelligenceDiversityHuman Resources DevelopmentIntercultural communicationIntercultural PsychologyInterkulturelle KommunikationInterkulturelle PsychologieKulturelle Intelligenz
Politeness and Implicature (Dissertation)

Politeness and Implicature

Expanding the Cooperative Principle

PHILOLOGIA – Sprachwissenschaftliche Forschungsergebnisse

Major approaches to politeness so far analyse it as a strategy to ensure smooth interaction. Politeness is seen as a norm, the expected thing in communication whose occurrence is not noticed most of the time. In my thesis I argue first for a threefold distinction among expected politeness (politic behaviour in…

Cooperative PrincipleHöflichkeitImplicaturesIntercultural CommunicationInterkulturelle KommunikationLinguisticsLinguistikPolitenessPragmaticsPragmatikSprachwissenschaft