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Global Health Challenges I. (Sammelband)Zum Shop

Global Health Challenges I.

Schriftenreihe Gesundheitswissenschaften

The title of this book has two main focal points: Global Health and Challenges.

Global Health is a relatively new term in Public Health. It requires the healthiness of individuals of whole the world. The paradox in this perspective is, that the pandemic „Covid-19“ is showing us just this item, not only a…

AntibiotikaAntimicrobial resilienceAntimicrobial stewardshipAntimikrobielle ResistenzCancer-related factorsCorona-PandemieCOVID-19Gestational weightGesundheitspräventionGewichtszunahme während der SchwangerschaftHandhygieneHand hygieneKrebsbedingte FaktorenMedical care centreMedical economicsMedical treatmentMedizinisches VersorgungszentrumMedizinökonomieÖffentliche GesundheitPräventionsmedizinPräventive MedizinPreventive medicinePublic Health
English for Health Care Professionals (Forschungsarbeit)Zum Shop

English for Health Care Professionals

Didaktik in Forschung und Praxis

The book English for Health Care Professionals is intended primarily for students of Biology and Medicine, teachers of English for Specific Purposes, and health care professionals. Suggestions of exercises and tasks to improve listening as well as reading comprehension are given for classes, small groups and…

Audio-visual MaterialAudiovisuelles MaterialCommunicative Language AssessmentCommunicative Language TeachingEnglischdidaktikEnglisch für MedizinerEnglisch für medizinische UnterrichtszweckeEnglish DidacticsEnglish for Healthcare ProfessionalsHealthcareHörverständnisKommunikativer SprachunterrichtLeseverständnisListening ComprehensionReading ComprehensionTeaching English for Medical PurposesTests
Health Care Through Various Aspects of Social Action (Forschungsarbeit)Zum Shop

Health Care Through Various Aspects of Social Action

EUB. Erziehung – Unterricht – Bildung

The monograph entitled “Health care through various aspects of social action” touches on research findings that find a common ground in the studies that are protecting our health. Initially, it gives insight into the results of a study that analyses the health and problems of students related to distance learning…

AgrarwirtschaftClimate ChangeEducationErnährungErziehungswissenschaftFoodFood WasteGesundheitHealthHealthcareKlimawandelLebensmittelverschwendungPollutionSportSportsWell-BeingWohlbefinden
Bridging the Ethno-Cultural Gap (Dissertation)Zum Shop

Bridging the Ethno-Cultural Gap

Managing Ethno-Cultural Differences in Healthcare Service Delivery in Hospital Settings: The Irish Experience


This book addresses how national health systems face the challenges of accommodating the cultural diversity of healthcare providers and service users. The author identifies the complexities of managing ethno-cultural diversity in healthcare, discussing critical areas such as intercultural competence, intercultural…

Diversity ManagementEthnic MinorityEthno-Cultural DiversityHealth CareHealth Care DeliveryHospitalsIntercultural CompetenceIntercultural Management
Education and the Challenges of Modern Society (Forschungsarbeit)Zum Shop

Education and the Challenges of Modern Society

EUB. Erziehung – Unterricht – Bildung

The monograph Education and the Challenges of Modern Society brings together the authors’ reflections on topical issues in various fields. In most cases, the authors support the theoretical premises with empirical research.

In the first chapter, Slavoljub Hilčenko, Vojislav Ilić and Sanja Filipović…

AddictionEducationEpidemiological characteristicsEpidemiologische MerkmaleErziehungswissenschaftenGesundheitswissenschaftenHealth careLehrenMedical treatmentMedizinische BehandlungModerne GesellschaftModern societySuchtTeachingTherapieTherapy
Modern Society’s Diverse Challenges (Forschungsarbeit)Zum Shop

Modern Society’s Diverse Challenges

EUB. Erziehung – Unterricht – Bildung

The scientific monograph covers some of the most interesting research areas of the modern time.

Right at the beginning, we are confronted with discussion about the encouragement of mathematical thinking of preschool children through the nature photography prism.

Later on, we find out more about…

BeziehungenBildungCreative IndustriesCultureEducationErziehungGenderGesundheitHealth CareInclusionInklusionKreativwirtschaftKulturModerne GesellschaftModern societyMusical identityMusikalische IdentitätPsychotherapiePsychotherapyRelations
Challenges of Society (Sammelband)Zum Shop

Challenges of Society

EUB. Erziehung – Unterricht – Bildung

Speaking of interdisciplinary influences on education, the study of human psychology - probing into cognition, motivation, behavior and performance - has become a key pillar in that area. From management to performance and social engagement, satisfaction of institutional objectives requires effective analysis of…

BullyingChallengesEducationElderlyHealth CareLifelong learningMental ToughnessModern SocietyStressViolenceYouth
Marketing in Rehabilitationseinrichtungen im deutschen Gesundheitswesen (Forschungsarbeit)Zum Shop

Marketing in Rehabilitationseinrichtungen im deutschen Gesundheitswesen

Gesundheitsmanagement und Medizinökonomie

Im deutschen Gesundheitswesen herrscht ein von der Ökonomisierung ausgelöstes Wettbewerbsdenken, doch ist dies noch immer nicht allen bewusst. Steigende Ansprüche der Patienten, das selektive Kontrahieren und auch das vermehrte Angebot nicht-medizinischer Serviceleistungen werden künftig besonders bei der Wahl…

GesundheitswesenHealthcareHealth Care MarketingMarketingMarketing-MixMarketingstrategieMarktanalyseRehabilitationRehabilitationseinrichtungRehabilitationsklinikUnternehmensanalyse
Economy and Social Conditions in Transition (Tagungsband)Zum Shop

Economy and Social Conditions in Transition

Probleme und Chancen der Globalisierung

This book is interdisciplinary in scope, written for economists, educators, and for individuals working on the fields of globalization, and its impacts on societal development. The book analyzes the current economic and social development in selected countries with different economic conditions relative to the…

BarbadosCrisisEconomyErziehungswissenschaftFinancialGesundheitswissenschaftGlobalisierungHealthcareHealth Care ServicesInnovativenessNew technologiesPAYGORegional Sustainable DevelopmentSocial SecuritySub-Saharan AfricaTanzaniaVolkswirtschaftslehre
Challenges of Modern Society From Different Perspectives (Sammelband)Zum Shop

Challenges of Modern Society From Different Perspectives

EUB. Erziehung – Unterricht – Bildung

The book »Challenges of Modern Society From Different Perspectives« presents eight contributions of twenty authors, which deal with different current thematics connected with the influence of modern social phenomenon on the individual’s development.

By flipping through individual chapters, we can get a…

AbuseChallengesDiversityEducationElderlyHealth CareModern SocietyViolenceYouth