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Contemporary Perspectives on Early Childhood Education and Care (Forschungsarbeit)

Contemporary Perspectives on Early Childhood Education and Care

Studien zur Schulpädagogik

The monograph »Contemporary perspectives on early childhood education and care« consists of ten chapters that theoretically and empirically address some of the key areas of quality of ECEC.

In the first chapter »The preschool teacher: an important factor in promoting child development« we present how the education of preschool teacher profession has…

Berufliche Bildung Beteiligung von Kindern Child participation Cooperation with parents Didactics Didaktik Early childhood education Education Erziehungswissenschaft Frühkindliche Bildung Immigrant children Immigrantenkinder Inclusion Inklusion Lebenslanges Lernen Lifelong learning Migration Musical literacy Musikalische Kompetenzen Pädagogik Pedagogy Preschool teacher Professional education Vorschullehrer Zusammenarbeit mit den Eltern
Early Childhood Education and Care Teacher Education in Europe (Forschungsarbeit)

Early Childhood Education and Care Teacher Education in Europe

Trends, Perspectives and Guidelines

Frühpädagogik in Forschung und Praxis

This monograph provides an in-depth and comprehensive overview of trends, perspectives and guidelines regarding early childhood education and care (ECEC) teacher education in Europe along with some other aspects of ECEC systems. By providing a sound empirical framework through comparative analysis of five European countries – Slovenia, Sweden, Spain, Cyprus and…

autism spectrum disorders Autismus Curricula curricula Early childhood education and care Erzieher Erziehungswissenschaft EU-Vergleich EU comparison Frühkindliche Erziehung Frühpädagogik Lehrer teachers unitary and separate system
Contemporary Aspects of Giftedness (Sammelband)

Contemporary Aspects of Giftedness

EUB. Erziehung – Unterricht – Bildung

This book addresses the topic of gifted learners in the modern world, which can be understood very broadly. Authors from six countries (Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Northern Macedonia, Slovenia and Serbia) discuss diverse views on the topic of working with gifted learners in the modern world.

The authors call attention to the relevance of…

Begabung Bildung Early childhood education Education Educational Systems Erziehung Gifted Children Giftedness Hochbegabte Kinder Individualisation Individual Program Individualsiergung

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