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The Misery of Childless Marriage in Igbo Culture (Doktorarbeit)Zum Shop

The Misery of Childless Marriage in Igbo Culture

Re-Consideration of Ecclesiastical Ethical Response to Cultural and Biomedical “Remedies”

Ethik in Forschung und Praxis

Infertility is a universal problem but the crisis it poses for Christian couples in the African cultural context differs from the experience in Western cultures. The root of the problem is the conflict in the understanding of marriage in African culture and the Christian marriage ethics, which makes it difficult…

African CultureAfrikanische KulturArtificial ReproductionBio-MedicineChildlessness (Marriage)Christian EthicsChristian MarriageChristliche EheChristliche EthikEthikIgboIgbo MarriageInfertilityIVFKinderlosigkeitKünstliche BefruchtungMoraltheologieMoral TheologyOsu Caste System
Theological Ethical Moral Series (TEMS) Vol. 2 (Sammelband)Zum Shop

Theological Ethical Moral Series (TEMS) Vol. 2

Thanksgiving, Faith and Morality

THEOS – Studienreihe Theologische Forschungsergebnisse

The Theological Ethical Moral Series (TEMS) Vol. 2 stresses that the need to thank God is more of a virtue, which should be learnt, than a law that prescribes. Virtue springs from life and forms it. The psalms indicate that thanksgiving is not only personal but communal, drawing from a happy reversal of…

African Theology of Solidarity (Forschungsarbeit)Zum Shop

African Theology of Solidarity

THEOS – Studienreihe Theologische Forschungsergebnisse

The broad aim of African Theology of Solidarity is to establish that any symbiotic dialogue of the Christian faith with African cultures and the precarious social realities in Africa require the theological unification of the two major theological trends in Africa: Inculturation and Liberation. The need to…

AfricaAfrican Traditional ReligionAfrikanische traditionelle ReligionAIDSArmutBefreiungstheologieCultureFemale CircumcisionFrauenbeschneidungFrauenrechteHIVInculturation TheologyInkulturationKulturLiberation TheologyPovertySolidaritätSolidarityTheologieTheologyWomen‘s Rights
Evangelisation and Modernity (Doktorarbeit)Zum Shop

Evangelisation and Modernity

Cultural Issues as Missiological Imperative in „Ecclesia in Africa“

THEOS – Studienreihe Theologische Forschungsergebnisse

This study brings to the fore that modernity offers enough (if not more than enough) materials for missiological consumption for the church in Africa. It stresses that the challenges of evangelisation in Africa in the Third Millennium, as Ecclesia in Africa specifies in its caption, can never be the same as…

Christliche KircheChurch in AfricaEcclesia in AfricaEvangelisationEvangelisation in AfricaGlobalisierungInkulturationMissionModern CultureModerneModernitySoziale GerechtigkeitTheologie