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Quantitative Film Studies (Doktorarbeit)

Quantitative Film Studies

Regularities and Interrelations Exemplified by Shot Lengths in Soviet Feature Films

Schriften zur Medienwissenschaft

In statistical film analysis it is a common observation that shot length frequencies are not distributed haphazardly, but according to a particular pattern. Taking this as a starting point, the monograph focuses on two main questions. The first one is: Are shot lengths in Soviet feature [...]

Comedy, Drama, Film studies, Filmwissenschaft, George Kingsley Zipf, Komödie, Media studies, Medienwissenschaft, Motion pictures, Paul Menzerath, Philosophy of science, Slawistik, Soviet Union, Sowjetunion, Spielfilm, Statistics, Statistik, Wissenschaftstheorie


Statistical Literacy Among Secondary School Students (Forschungsarbeit)

Statistical Literacy Among Secondary School Students

Achieving a Higher Level of Statistical Literacy

Studien zur Schulpädagogik

The statistical education should be in step with modern didactic trends, which recommend the use of statistics in relation to everyday life and thus develop and improve statistical literacy. But as statistics is made part of mathematics instruction, solving statistical problems tends to be [...]

Critical interpretation, Didactics, Didaktik, Erziehungswissenschaft, Kritische Interpretation, Mathematics, Mathematics classes, Mathematik, Real-life situation, Realistic context, Secondary school, Statistical education, Statistical literacy, Statistical thinking, Statistics, Statistik, Statistikunterricht, Statistisches Denken, Weiterführende Schule


Teaching Statistics and Statistical Literacy (Forschungsarbeit)

Teaching Statistics and Statistical Literacy

Didaktik in Forschung und Praxis

In real-world environments we are faced with large amounts of information that is found in newspapers, in magazines, on television, on the Internet, and elsewhere, and that is often presented in the form of tables or graphs. Today statistical data are, unfortunately, quite often abused, [...]

Didactics, Mathmatics Classe, Problem Situation, Realistic Context, Statistical Education, Statistical Knowledge, Statistical Literacy, Statistical Thinking


Causal Inference in Empirical Applications Using Individual- and Aggregate-Level Data (Doktorarbeit)

Causal Inference in Empirical Applications Using Individual- and Aggregate-Level Data

Schriftenreihe volkswirtschaftliche Forschungsergebnisse


Aggregate-Level Data, Causal Interference, Economics, Economics of Education, Individual-Level Data, Program Evaluation, Statistics, Volkswirtschaftslehre


Quadratic Variation of Financial Asset Prices (Dissertation)

Quadratic Variation of Financial Asset Prices

Theoretical Approaches and Empirical Evidence on Power Derivatives

Schriftenreihe innovative betriebswirtschaftliche Forschung und Praxis

Financial asset prices differ not only in their level and trajectory, but also in their magnitude and type of variability within trading periods. As financial agents require quantifying the price variability of a financial asset over a certain period of time in many risk- and [...]

Betriebswirtschaftslehre, Econometrics, Electricity Forward Contract, Energy Finance, High Frequency Data, Infrequent Tracking, Nord Pool Energy Exchange, Price Jumps, Realized Variance, Robust Estimation, Statistics, Tracking Activity, Urgent Market Message


Business Intelligence: Methods and Applications (Festschrift)

Business Intelligence: Methods and Applications

Essays in Honor of Prof. Dr. Hans-J. Lenz

Studien zur Wirtschaftsinformatik

This Festschrift is a collection of articles by colleagues and (former) students of Prof. Hans-J. Lenz to honor his work in the field of Business Intelligence.

The 18 articles provide interesting insights into many methods and applications of this [...]

Business Intelligence, Data Mining, Data Warehousing, Decision Support, Informatics, Informatik, Prof. Dr. Hans-J. Lenz, Statistics


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