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Place-Name Changes (Tagungsband)

Place-Name Changes

Proceedings of the Symposion in Rome, 17–18 November 2014

Name & Place – Contributions to Toponymic Literature and Research

Languages are promoted by political powers and are dependent on them. In a historical dimension languages come and go depending on political support. Place names as elements of language are part of this historical fluctuation. Due to their symbolic role as markers of geographical features, territories and space-related identities, [...]

Geographie, Geographische Namen, Geschichte, Karten, Linguistik, Namensänderungen, Politische Umbrüche, Raumbezogene Identität, Siedlungsnamen, Sprachen, Straßennamen, Toponomastik, Toponyme


Confirmation of the Definitions (Tagungsband)

Confirmation of the Definitions

Proceedings of the 16th UNGEGN Working Group on Exonyms Meeting, Hermagor, 5–7 June 2014

Name & Place – Contributions to Toponymic Literature and Research

The term exonym was first used by the British toponymist Marcel AUROUSSEAU (1957) and – interestingly enough – the term endonym was coined only later (1975), by the Austrian Slavist Otto KRONSTEINER, even though endonym is the basic and primary concept, and endonyms prevail by far in number. [...]

Endonyme, Exonyme, Geographische Namen, Goegraphie, Kartographie, Linguistik, Namenverzeichnisse, Onomastik, Raumbezogene Identität, Sprachen, Standardisierung, Toponomastik, Toponyme, United Nations Group of Experts on Geographical Names


The Quest for Definitions (Tagungsband)

The Quest for Definitions

Proceedings of the 14th UNGEGN Working Group on Exonyms Meeting, Corfu, 23–25 May 2013

Name & Place – Contributions to Toponymic Literature and Research

Why is it that the topic of exonyms, and more precisely the endonym / exonym divide, attracts so much interest and is so much disputed? It is perhaps because this divide arises when a geographical name is considered within the relationship between a name-using community and the feature bearing this name – is the feature marked by the [...]

Endonyme, Exonyme, Geographie, Geographische Namen, Kartographie, Linguistik, Onomastik, Raumbezogene Identität, Toponomastik


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