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Lost in Translation? An Analysis of the Role of English as the Lingua Franca of Multilingual Business Communication (Doktorarbeit)

Lost in Translation? An Analysis of the Role of English as the Lingua Franca of Multilingual Business Communication

PHILOLOGIA – Sprachwissenschaftliche Forschungsergebnisse

The study explores the influence of English as a lingua franca on multilingual business texts, in the context of the growing Americanisation of German business communication. It is based on the central hypothesis that the dominance of lingua franca English leads to a convergence with Anglophone text conventions in translations into [...]

annual report, contrastive pragmatics, corporate rhetoric, Deutsch, Englisch, English, German, intercultural business communication, Interkulturelle Wirtschaftskommunikation, Kontrastive Pragmatik, language change, language contact, Lingua Franca, lingua franca communication, Mehrsprachigkeit, multilingual business communication, Multilingualism, Sprachkontakt, Sprachwandel, Sprachwissenschaft, text linguistics, Textlinguistik, translation studies


Multimodal (Im)politeness (Dissertation)

Multimodal (Im)politeness

The Verbal, Prosodic and Non-Verbal Realization of Disagreement in German and New Zealand English

PHILOLOGIA – Sprachwissenschaftliche Forschungsergebnisse

This study aims to broaden our understanding of cross-cultural differences in communication behaviour. To this end, the present study employs an innovative methodology, which combines a traditional approach to speech act research – based on verbal communication – with prosody and non-verbal communication, in order to gain a [...]

Communication Behaviour, Cross-Cultural Communication, Disagreement, German, New Zealand English, Non-Verbal Communication, Politeness, Pragmatics, Prosody, Speech Act, Sprachwissenschaft


Politeness and Implicature (Dissertation)

Politeness and Implicature

Expanding the Cooperative Principle

PHILOLOGIA – Sprachwissenschaftliche Forschungsergebnisse

Major approaches to politeness so far analyse it as a strategy to ensure smooth interaction. Politeness is seen as a norm, the expected thing in communication whose occurrence is not noticed most of the time. In my thesis I argue first for a threefold distinction among expected politeness (politic behaviour in Wattss s sense), unexpected [...]

Cooperative Principle, Höflichkeit, Implicatures, Intercultural Communication, Interkulturelle Kommunikation, Linguistics, Linguistik, Politeness, Pragmatics, Pragmatik, Sprachwissenschaft


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