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Quantitative Growth or Authentic Witnessing to the Gospel? (Doktorarbeit)

Quantitative Growth or Authentic Witnessing to the Gospel?

Catholic Church in Nigeria and the Challenges of Religious Violence

THEOS – Studienreihe Theologische Forschungsergebnisse

This book argues that the Church as people of God, but most particularly, the Catholic Church, fulfils her mission as instrument of salvation when she proclaims the message of Christ to a people in their concrete existential situation. In carrying out this mission, the historical [...]

Armut, Boko-Haram, Catholic Church, Corruption, Frieden, Inculturation, Injustice, Inkulturation, Katholische Kirche, Korruption, Peace, Poverty, Prophetic Church, Prophetische Kirche, Religiöse Gewalt, Religiöser Dialog, Religion, Religious Dialogue, Religious Violence, Terrorism, Terrorismus, Theologie, Ungerechtigkeit


Added Value of Voluntary Sustainability Standards for Non-Traditional Export Products in the Agricultural Sector of Ghana (Doktorarbeit)

Added Value of Voluntary Sustainability Standards for Non-Traditional Export Products in the Agricultural Sector of Ghana

Schriftenreihe agrarwissenschaftliche Forschungsergebnisse

Ghana just like most developing countries is facing the challenge of how to deal with high poverty rates coupled with declining prices of traditional export products. The export of non-traditional export products in the agricultural sector is considered as one of the strategies to address [...]

Agriculture, Fairtrade, Non-Traditional Export, Northern Ghana, Poverty, Shea, Value Addition, Voluntary Sustainability Standard


Theological Ethical Moral Series (TEMS) Vol. 1 (Sammelband)

Theological Ethical Moral Series (TEMS) Vol. 1

Essays on Community Ethics and Divine-Human-Relationship

THEOS – Studienreihe Theologische Forschungsergebnisse

Dieses Buch unterstreicht, dass die Entwicklung (des Menschen) integral sein sollte und nicht lediglich rational; sie sollte die unvergängliche Berufung des Menschen mit einschließen. Es wäre ein fataler Irrtum, eine Entwicklung zu erwägen, die lediglich den sozialen Aspekt des menschlichen [...]

AIDS, Armut, Authority, Autorität, Development, Entwicklung, Ethics, Ethik; Ecology, Gewalt, Gnade, Grace, HIV, Human Person, Johannes Paul II, John Paul II, Mensch, Moral, Moral Education, Moralische Erziehung, Ökologie, Politics, Politik, Poverty, Reconciliation, Theologie, Theology, Versöhnung, Violence


African Theology of Solidarity (Forschungsarbeit)

African Theology of Solidarity

THEOS – Studienreihe Theologische Forschungsergebnisse

The broad aim of African Theology of Solidarity is to establish that any symbiotic dialogue of the Christian faith with African cultures and the precarious social realities in Africa require the theological unification of the two major theological trends in Africa: Inculturation and [...]

Africa, African Traditional Religion, Afrikanische traditionelle Religion, AIDS, Armut, Befreiungstheologie, Culture, Female Circumcision, Frauenbeschneidung, Frauenrechte, HIV, Inculturation Theology, Inkulturation, Kultur, Liberation Theology, Poverty, Solidarität, Solidarity, Theologie, Theology, Women‘s Rights


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