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The British Council and Poland in the 1940s – Cultural Propaganda (Dissertation)

The British Council and Poland in the 1940s –
Cultural Propaganda

Schriften zur Geschichtsforschung des 20. Jahrhunderts

“Dr. Klaudiusz Bobowski’s book on the British propaganda booklets of the 1940s concerns an important part of the historical and sociological background of World War II. The British Council booklets were meant to be read by Polish military personnel in the British armed forces as an [...]

British Council, Cultural propaganda, Cultural studies, Geschichte, Great Britain, Großbritannien, History, Kulturwissenschaft, Literary studies, Literaturwissenschaft, Poland, Polen, Propaganda, World War II, Zweiter Weltkrieg


Global Perspectives on Sustainable Regional Development (Tagungsband)

Global Perspectives on Sustainable Regional Development

Probleme und Chancen der Globalisierung

The present volume is interdisciplinary in scope, written for economists, social scientists, civil servants, environmental protectionists, and individuals alike who are interested and working in the field of sustainable development. The volume is a compilation of mainly research results [...]

Barbados, Economics, Educational Science, Gender, Innovation, Minimum Wage, Poland, Political Transition, Regional Innovation, Sub-Saharan Africa, Sustainable Development, Sustainable Management, Transportation


Lutherans in the Poznan province (Habilitationsschrift)

Lutherans in the Poznan province

Biological dynamics of the Lutheran population in the 19th and early 20th centuries

HERODOT – Wissenschaftliche Schriften zur Ethnologie und Anthropologie

In contrast to the Lutheran communities of Western Europe, those settling in the Poznan province were culturally very diverse in terms of roots, traditions, customs, habits, lifestyles, and wealth. In Germany they were members of different local churches. On coming to the Poznan province, [...]

Anthropology, Demography, Fertility, Gene Pool, Habilitation, Historical Poland, Marriage Patterns, Mortality, Protestantism, Prussian Sector


Misfit of Interests instead of the “Goodness of Fit”? (Dissertation)

Misfit of Interests instead of the “Goodness of Fit”?

Implementation of European Directives 2001/77/EC and 2009/28/EC in Poland

Schriften zur Europapolitik

This book analyzes the implementation of the European renewable energy directives 2001/77/EC and 2009/28/EC in Poland. By providing a thorough analysis of the process of adoption of each of these directives in Brussels and its subsequent implementation in Poland, it explains the reasons [...]

Channels of Influence, Directive 2001/77/EC, Directive 2009/28/EC, Discrepancy of Interests, European Energy Policy, European Integration, Europeanization, European Laws, Polish Energy Policy, Renewable Energy


The Bad Debt Crisis and its Impact on the Banking Reform in Poland (Forschungsarbeit)

The Bad Debt Crisis and its Impact on the Banking Reform in Poland

Studienreihe Volkswirtschaften der Welt

The painful process of economic transition has loomed over Poland during the 1990ies. It was launched by abolishing the mechanism of central planning and by a radical liberalisation both in respect to price setting and market entry. It was soon realised that the success of the reform [...]

bad debts, banking system, Bankregulierung, Bankwesen, economy, Poland, Polen, Reform, Volkswirtschaftslehre


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