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Hidden Curriculum Determinates in Kindergartens and in Schools (Doktorarbeit)

Hidden Curriculum Determinates in Kindergartens and in Schools

Didaktik in Forschung und Praxis

„The research is multidimensional in the context of educational institutions; the elements of hidden curriculum are studied among (pre)school teachers which provides an important perspective among two basic educational institutions: kindergarten and primary school. At the same time it stresses the meaning of the hidden curriculum, or even more, to the fact that the…

Empathie Erzieher Lehrer
Decision-Making Under Risk and Ambiguity (Doktorarbeit)

Decision-Making Under Risk and Ambiguity

An Investigation of Risk Behavior in Different Financial Situations and a Search for Relevant Personality Traits

Schriften zur differenziellen Psychologie

In our daily life, we have many things to decide. These decisions include more or less risk. Many situations where we have to decide between different options are financial decisions. Such financial decisions include the risk to lose or the possibility to win money. But what are the psychological factors which influence decisions in such financial situations Are…

Decision-Making Entscheidungsfindung Financial decision Finanzielle Entscheidung FMRI Gier Greed Investment Investment Neuroeconomics Neuroökonomie Persönlichkeitseigenschaften Personality traits Psychologie Risk game Ristk and ambiguity

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