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Searching for Identity Through the Negotiation of Cultural Differences (Doktorarbeit)

Searching for Identity Through the Negotiation of Cultural Differences

A Study of Chinese Diasporic Literature

POETICA – Schriften zur Literaturwissenschaft

This study concerns how Chinese diasporic writers cross the cultural boundaries to resolve identity problems within the tensions between their land of descent and place of dwelling, and how they open up spaces through writing to negotiate cultural conflicts and use literary presentation to revise and redefine identity. Drawing [...]

Chinese Diaspora, Cultural Difference, GB, Great Britain, Identity, Modernity, Negotiation, Reference Group, Representation, The United States, Tradition, USA


Evangelisation and Modernity (Doktorarbeit)

Evangelisation and Modernity

Cultural Issues as Missiological Imperative in „Ecclesia in Africa“

THEOS – Studienreihe Theologische Forschungsergebnisse

This study brings to the fore that modernity offers enough (if not more than enough) materials for missiological consumption for the church in Africa. It stresses that the challenges of evangelisation in Africa in the Third Millennium, as Ecclesia in Africa specifies in its caption, can never be the same as the evangelisation of [...]

Christliche Kirche, Church in Africa, Ecclesia in Africa, Evangelisation, Evangelisation in Africa, Globalisierung, Inkulturation, Mission, Modern Culture, Moderne, Modernity, Soziale Gerechtigkeit, Theologie


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