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Juridical Perspectives on Marriage in the Catholic Church and in Islam vis-à-vis Catholic–Muslim Marriages in Nigeria (Dissertation)

Juridical Perspectives on Marriage in the Catholic Church and in Islam vis-à-vis Catholic–Muslim Marriages in Nigeria

THEOS – Studienreihe Theologische Forschungsergebnisse

Die Ehe eines Katholiken mit einem Muslim bringt zwei Personen zusammen, die unterschiedliche religiöse Überzeugungen bekennen und sich von unterschiedlichen Ehegesetzen leiten lassen. Die meisten Forschungen weisen tendenziell darauf hin, dass interreligiöse Ehen mit höherer Wahrscheinlichkeit [...]

Canon Law, Catholic, Catholic-Muslim Marriage, Disparity of Cult, Eheschließung, Interreligiöse Ehe, Interreligious Marriage, Islamic Law, Islamisches Recht, Kanonisches Recht, Katholisch-muslimische Ehe, Kirchenrecht, Marriage, Muslim, Nigeria, Statutory Marriage, Theologie


Marriage and Adultery in the Old Testament (Forschungsarbeit)

Marriage and Adultery in the Old Testament

An Igbo-African Contextual Reading

THEOS – Studienreihe Theologische Forschungsergebnisse

This book not only provides an in-depth understanding of family, marriage and adultery in the Old Testament and the implications thereof for contemporary Igbo-African society, but also demonstrates convincingly the vital role of the Bible in Africa as a resource for social and ethical [...]

Adultery, Africa, Afrika, Altes Testament, Bibelstudien, Bible Studies, Divorce, Ehe, Ehebruch, Familie, Family, Igbo, Marriage, Narrative Analyse, Narrative analysis, Old Testament, Scheidung, Sexual ethics, Sexualethik


The Misery of Childless Marriage in Igbo Culture (Doktorarbeit)

The Misery of Childless Marriage in Igbo Culture

Re-Consideration of Ecclesiastical Ethical Response to Cultural and Biomedical “Remedies”

Ethik in Forschung und Praxis

Infertility is a universal problem but the crisis it poses for Christian couples in the African cultural context differs from the experience in Western cultures. The root of the problem is the conflict in the understanding of marriage in African culture and the Christian marriage ethics, [...]

African Culture, Afrikanische Kultur, Artificial Reproduction, Bio-Medicine, Childlessness (Marriage), Christian Ethics, Christian Marriage, Christliche Ehe, Christliche Ethik, Igbo, Igbo Marriage, Infertility, IVF, Kinderlosigkeit, Künstliche Befruchtung, Moraltheologie, Moral Theology, Osu Caste System


Lutherans in the Poznan province (Habilitationsschrift)

Lutherans in the Poznan province

Biological dynamics of the Lutheran population in the 19th and early 20th centuries

HERODOT – Wissenschaftliche Schriften zur Ethnologie und Anthropologie

In contrast to the Lutheran communities of Western Europe, those settling in the Poznan province were culturally very diverse in terms of roots, traditions, customs, habits, lifestyles, and wealth. In Germany they were members of different local churches. On coming to the Poznan province, [...]

Anthropology, Demography, Fertility, Gene Pool, Habilitation, Historical Poland, Marriage Patterns, Mortality, Protestantism, Prussian Sector


„Trial Marriage“ in Nigeria (Dissertation)

„Trial Marriage“ in Nigeria

Igala as a Case Study: A Moral-Theological Investigation

THEOS – Studienreihe Theologische Forschungsergebnisse

"This work is an investigation into the moral quality and relatedproblems of "Trial Marriage? among young Nigerians of today, with particular reference to the Igala and Catholic Christians in general.

In this work, the author identifies the different [...]

Ehe, Igala, Marriage, Nigeria, Probeehe, Theologie, Trial Marriage


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