Literatur: Macroeconomic Announcements

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Equity Markets and the Real Economy (Doktorarbeit)

Equity Markets and the Real Economy


The author analyzes the influence of investors’ macroeconomic expectations on the U.S. equity market by focusing on three central issues: First, “Do investors’ equity risk premia expectations depend on overall business conditions? Hereby, the importance of economic conditions for doubtlessly one of the most essential value drivers [...]

Asset Pricing, Business Cycle, Equity Risk, Information Processing, Leading Economic Index, Macroeconomic Announcements, Rechnungswesen, Stock Market Efficiency


Applications of Company Valuation Models (Doktorarbeit)

Applications of Company Valuation Models

Empirical Evidence on Selected Topics



Accruals, Asset Pricing, Betriebswirtschaftslehre, Business Cycle, Cash Flow, Dividend Discount Model, Earnings Quality, Finanzen, Finanzmanagement, Implied Lost of Capital, Macroeconomic Announcements, Rechnungswesen, Residual Income Model, Risk Premium, Summary Measure


The Price Impact of Macroeconomic News on Capital Markets (Doktorarbeit)

The Price Impact of Macroeconomic News on Capital Markets


The core question of this book is how macroeconomic information impacts asset prices. Macroeconomic announcements are important for asset prices, because they provide information on current and future economic conditions. They are widely discussed by investors and extensively covered by the public press. [...]

Asset Pricing, Bayesian Learning, Betriebswirtschaftslehre, Finanzmanagement, Information Processing, Macroeconomic Announcements, Sequential Information, Stock Market Efficiency


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