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Verbal Modalities in Corporate Publications (Dissertation)

Verbal Modalities in Corporate Publications

A Cross-Cultural Approach

PHILOLOGIA – Sprachwissenschaftliche Forschungsergebnisse

In a time of globalization, business corporations have expanded their activities to the global market and communicate with local and global audiences competing with one another in terms of market share, financial investments, brand awareness, and audience trust. As national and corporate cultures meet and compete on various levels of [...]

Communicative Mode, Corporate Identity, Corporate image, Cross-Cultural, Englisch, Genre Analysis, German, Globalisation, Globalization, Hybridization, Infosuasion, Intercultural, Language Contact, Levels of Pragmatic Interpretation, Modality, Multi-Dimensional Analysis, Perspectivation, Perspectivisation, Philologie, Self-Portrayal, Sprachwissenschaft, Variation, Website


Fixed Expressions in Cross-Linguistic Perspective (Sammelband)

Fixed Expressions in Cross-Linguistic Perspective

A Multilingual and Multidisciplinary Approach

Schriften zur Vergleichenden Sprachwissenschaft

When approaches linking language to other cognitive and behavioural phenomena, culture, the environment and society are flourishing, the strength and momentum of phraseological studies in recent years is hardly surprising given the nature of ist object of study. Fixed expressions include proverbs, bearers of timeless "truths", [...]

Contrastive Language, Figurative Language, Fixed Expressions, Formulae, Idioms, Language and Culture, Language Contact, Linguistics, Linguistik, Proverbs, Sprachwissenschaft, Translation


Lost in Translation? An Analysis of the Role of English as the Lingua Franca of Multilingual Business Communication (Doktorarbeit)

Lost in Translation? An Analysis of the Role of English as the Lingua Franca of Multilingual Business Communication

PHILOLOGIA – Sprachwissenschaftliche Forschungsergebnisse

The study explores the influence of English as a lingua franca on multilingual business texts, in the context of the growing Americanisation of German business communication. It is based on the central hypothesis that the dominance of lingua franca English leads to a convergence with Anglophone text conventions in translations into [...]

annual report, contrastive pragmatics, corporate rhetoric, Deutsch, Englisch, English, German, intercultural business communication, Interkulturelle Wirtschaftskommunikation, Kontrastive Pragmatik, language change, language contact, Lingua Franca, lingua franca communication, Mehrsprachigkeit, multilingual business communication, Multilingualism, Sprachkontakt, Sprachwandel, Sprachwissenschaft, text linguistics, Textlinguistik, translation studies


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