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Bridging the Ethno-Cultural Gap (Dissertation)

Bridging the Ethno-Cultural Gap

Managing Ethno-Cultural Differences in Healthcare Service Delivery in Hospital Settings: The Irish Experience


This book addresses how national health systems face the challenges of accommodating the cultural diversity of healthcare providers and service users. The author identifies the complexities of managing ethno-cultural diversity in healthcare, discussing critical areas such as intercultural competence, intercultural…
Intercultural Competence (Doktorarbeit)

Intercultural Competence

A Conducive Factor of Managers‘ Readiness for Organizational Change


This book concerns intercultural competence and its impact on managers’ readiness for organizational change. According to the analysis presented in this study, managers who are culturally competent are significantly more likely to embrace organizational change and therefore better prepared for the new managerial…
Self-Perception of Japanese Identity and its Perception by Others (Dissertation)

Self-Perception of Japanese Identity and its Perception by Others

Nihonjinron and its Impact on Business Relations Between European and Japanese Companies

Schriften zur Kulturwissenschaft

For many European companies it is still challenging to establish successful relations with Japanese business partners and clients in the long run. Albeit the Japanese government has reduced many trade barriers, foreign enterprises still seem to experience plenty of other hindrances. Some of these…

A Bicultural Management Model for Internationalising SMEs (Dissertation)

A Bicultural Management Model for Internationalising SMEs

Using the Example of 2nd Generation Spanish Specialists in Germany

Strategisches Management

Objective of this book is to demonstrate a new strategic approach; the use of 2nd generation bicultural experts as competitive advantage for internationalising SMEs. The approach described in this book is, on one hand, based on the example of 2nd generation Spanish experts in Germany and on the other hand,…

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