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Modeling China‘s Economic Growth Path (Dissertation)

Modeling China‘s Economic Growth Path

A Dynamic Analysis of Pension and Tax Reforms

Studienreihe Volkswirtschaften der Welt

The fast economic growth of China in the last three decades has impressed economists around the globe. How did China succeed to keep a high growth rate in such a long period? Which costs and risks could the rapid development of China imply? How could the historical success be maintained in the foreseeable future? A…

Allgemeines Gleichgewichtsmodell Altruismus China Entrepreneurship Finanzwissenschaft Fiscal Policy Fiskalpolitik Modell überlappender Generationen Public Finance Sparquote Unternehmertum
Economic Analysis of a Great Recession (Forschungsarbeit)

Economic Analysis of a Great Recession

Schriftenreihe volkswirtschaftliche Forschungsergebnisse

Asset price bubbles refer to both real estate bubbles and stock market bubbles. The collapse of an asset price bubble means that asset prices go down while liabilities do not. As a result, millions of people have impaired balance sheets. Put another way, millions of people are in debt. In order to reduce their debt,…

Asset Price Bubbles Economic Growth Fiscal Policy Public Finance
From the Lisbon Strategy to Europe 2020 and Beyond (Dissertation)

From the Lisbon Strategy to Europe 2020 and Beyond

Rethinking the Rationale for a Common European Economic Policy

EURO-Wirtschaft – Studien zur ökonomischen Entwicklung Europas

During the last couple of years the lack of competitiveness of many European economies has been brutally exposed. This book presents a detailed analysis of the failed attempt of the European Commission to enhance competitiveness and rethinks the rationale for delegating competences to the EU. [...]

Benchmarking Competitiveness Economic Policy European Integration
The Impact of Environmental Policy on Economic Indicators (Dissertation)

The Impact of Environmental Policy on Economic Indicators

Moving from Global to Sectoral and Regional Perspectives

Wirtschaftspolitik in Forschung und Praxis

Umwelt-, Energie- und Klimapolitik haben in jüngerer Zeit einen immer höheren Stellenwert erhalten. Dies ist nicht zuletzt den neuesten klimatologischen Forschungsergebnissen und dem daraus entstandenen gesteigerten Umweltbewusstsein in der Bevölkerung geschuldet. Politikansätze zur Bekämpfung der…

Emissionshandel Energieeffizienz Klimapolitik Klimaschutz Umweltökonomie Umweltökonomik Umweltpolitik Volkswirtschaftslehre Weltklima
Strategies of the State towards the Informal Economy (Doktorarbeit)

Strategies of the State towards the Informal Economy

Studienreihe Volkswirtschaften der Welt

Around the world developed and developing economies alike are struggling with the persisting nature of the informal economy. The policy advice given to politicians by development economists today is rather generic with no regard to country-specific factors. This research develops a policy advice framework for…

Economic Policy Economic Reform Nationalökonomie Volkswirtschaften Volkswirtschaftslehre

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