Literatur: Cultural Intelligence

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Global Business Practices: Communication, Leadership, Negotiations, and Ethics (Monografie)

Global Business Practices:
Communication, Leadership, Negotiations, and Ethics

Probleme und Chancen der Globalisierung

Global Business Practices: Communication, Leadership, Negotiations, and Ethics recognises the multinational and multicultural world of the twenty-first century and focuses on developing culturally sensitive cosmopolitan leaders with a global mindset who function as effective and ethically responsible global communicators and negotiators [...]

Business Ethics, Business Protocol, Communication Ethics, Cultural Intelligence, Culture, Global Mindset, Language, Leadership, Negotiations, Perception


Intercultural Competence (Doktorarbeit)

Intercultural Competence

A Conducive Factor of Managers‘ Readiness for Organizational Change


This book concerns intercultural competence and its impact on managers’ readiness for organizational change. According to the analysis presented in this study, managers who are culturally competent are significantly more likely to embrace organizational change and therefore better prepared for the new managerial challenges of today. In [...]

Change Management, Cultural Intelligence, Intercultural Management, Intercultural Training, International HR, Organizational Change, Organizational Learning, Readiness für Change


Individual Cultural Intelligence (Dissertation)

Individual Cultural Intelligence

A Comparison to Other Individual Models of Intercultural Success, Its Assessment, and Individual Cross-Cultural Metacognition in Learning and Training



Organizational success in international business depends heavily on the individual’s ability to manage cross-cultural interaction. There is a growing organizational demand to assess and train individual’s cross-cultural flexibility and self-regulated learning ability in cross-cultural contexts. Individuals need to [...]

cross-cultural success, cultural intelligence, Human Resources Development, intercultural communication, Intercultural Psychology, Interkulturelle Kommunikation, Interkulturelle Psychologie, Kulturelle Intelligenz


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