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Optimal Pricing Strategies (Doktorarbeit)

Optimal Pricing Strategies

How Nonlinear Programming Enables Optimal Pricing in Digital Environment

MERKUR – Schriften zum Innovativen Marketing-Management

The determination of optimal pricing strategies in the ever-changing digital environment becomes more essential and more challenging with increasing popularity of the Internet and its ability to monitor consumers‘ preferences by tracking their click, purchase and finally their usage behavior. This book examines…

Betriebswirtschaftslehre E-Commerce Interaktive Preismechanismen Online Marketing Preisfindung Preisstrategie Search Engine Marketing Sponsored Search Suchmaschinenmarketing
Commercialisation of Context-Sensitive Mobile Attention in Mobile Media Markets (Dissertation)

Commercialisation of Context-Sensitive Mobile Attention in Mobile Media Markets

Market Engineering Recommendations for Mobile Marketing Providers

Schriften zum Mobile Commerce und zur Mobilkommunikation

In a society of growing information overflow, it becomes increasingly difficult for enterprises to attract the attention of consumers for marketing campaigns promoting their products and services. In this regard, mobile media offers advertisers a highly personal communication channel to their recipients. Thereby,…

Betriebswirtschaftslehre Mobile Marketing Mobilfunk Wirtschaftsinformatik

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