: New Theory of real numbers especially regarding „infinite“ and „zero“

New Theory of real numbers especially regarding „infinite“ and „zero“

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Schriftenreihe naturwissenschaftliche Forschungsergebnisse, Band 23

Hamburg , 172 Seiten

ISBN 978-3-86064-325-9 (Print)

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In this book, the author, Prof.Dr.-Ing. N.T. Ming, deals with some unsolved problems in the field of mathematics, namely,

1. the basis of real numbers, 2. the relationship between „infinity“ and „zero (0)“ and 3. „infinity“ and „0“ with a different concept from that of the remaining real numbers. In this treatise, the author eliminates the problems mentioned above by introducing new systems of real numbers and new definitions of „infinity“, „0“ and „1“.

Besides offering the above-mentioned solutions, the theory expounded in this book produces a variety of other results. For example: 1. The new definition of „infinite“ renders this concept acceptable to philosophers; and 2. In pure mathematics a) paradoxes are eliminated, and b) a clear definition of the relationship between „infinity“ and „0“ is given, c) G. Cantor`s limitation of natural numbers is modified (Cantor`s ω was rejected by K. Gödel); 3. in applied mathematics, a) new arithmetic operations are given by means of which complete accuracy is achieved for an arbitrarily small or arbitrarily large range of real numbers (details of this will be published in the next book), b) mathematical chaos is eliminated.

If the theoretical part of this publication (concerning the elimination of the undefined „infinity“ and „0“) modifies modern mathematics, mathematics will, in future, be more exact and complete.

The method outlined in this publication provides the accuracy essential in science and technology, above all in modern physics.

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