Festschrift: Media Networks Now & Then – Netzwerke der Intermedialität

Media Networks Now & Then – Netzwerke der Intermedialität

Festschrift für Jürgen E. Müller

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Schriften zur Medienwissenschaft, volume 41

Hamburg , 302 pages

ISBN 978-3-8300-9969-7 (print) |ISBN 978-3-339-09969-3 (eBook)

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Networks and Intermediality – these two paradigms which are closely related to the fascination of medial in-betweenness stand in the focus of this edited volume – a jubilee publication for Jürgen E. Müller. Topical research axes – among others the concepts of remediation and medial recyclings – open up a wide spectrum of historical phenomena and current tendencies in networked media culture.

From a transdisciplinary perspective, the contributions set out to analyze various media practices and to critically revisit media theories – in terms of synchronic as well as diachronic research paradigms. Media networks are thus conceived of as a relational field – a network of dynamic socio-technological configurations resulting from and in cultural techniques. In this nexus, discourses, actual practices – in both the digital and the physical world –, technological developments and media artefacts are interdependently linked to one another and actively inform each other.

From emerging practices in digital media networks such as the phenomenon of interactive music videos or the re-contextualized medialization of audio-visual material on Facebook to historic press products, from the performativity of media networks to their materiality, from aesthetical movements like the New Korean Cinema to processes of transformation in film adaptation, from the medial representation of Kenya's political history to the construction of European identity in German-French television news, from the analysis of absurd humour in Turkish TV-serials to the critical discussion of discourses of crises on YouTube – Media Networks Now & Then spreads out the wide spectrum of medial phenomena and offers fresh perspectives on digital and analogue media cultures.

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