Dissertation: Professional Conduct of Counsel in International Arbitration

Professional Conduct of Counsel in International Arbitration

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Studien zum Internationalen Privat- und Zivilprozessrecht sowie zum UN-Kaufrecht, volume 72

Hamburg , 360 pages

ISBN 978-3-8300-9956-7 (print) |ISBN 978-3-339-09956-3 (eBook)

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International arbitration aims inter alia to ensure a fair process, efficiency and transparency. Whether the arbitration procedure meets these requirements ultimately depends on the rules of conduct applied by party representatives and arbitrators. As counsel practicing international arbitration often come from different jurisdictions, they might be subject to multiple sets of rules, conflicting rules of conduct, or no standards at all. Which rules apply to conduct of counsel in international arbitration and how to deal with conflicting standards of conduct, which have a potential to undermine the integrity and fairness of international arbitration? On the examples of selected standards of conduct for counsel, the author provides an in-depth understanding of the issues arising from the stark divergences in regulation of counsel’s conduct in various jurisdictions, which reveals a barely surmountable obstacle on the way to an internationally recognized set of rules. Accordingly, the work examines the need for further regulation of counsel’s professional conduct and proposes a mechanism to ensure ethical conduct in international arbitration.

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