Forschungsarbeit: Brief Therapy Approaches in the Treatment of Substance Abuse

Brief Therapy Approaches in the Treatment of Substance Abuse

Schriftenreihe Gesundheitswissenschaften, Band 26

Hamburg 2019, 140 Seiten
ISBN 978-3-8300-9907-9 (Print), ISBN 978-3-339-09907-5 (eBook)

Abhängigkeit, Behandlung von Abhängigkeit, Drogenmissbrauch, Gesundheitswissenschaft, Klinische Intervention, Kurztherapie, Psychotherapie, Substance Abuse, Therapeutische Herangehensweisen, Therapy Approach

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The use of brief intervention and brief therapy techniques focused on short-term, problem-specific approaches has become an increasingly important part of the continuum of care in the treatment of substance abuse problems and addictive disorders. Currently, the psychotherapy of substance abuse utilizes a wide variety of treatment modalities based on diverse theoretical perspectives, including cognitive-behavioral, strategic and interactional, humanistic and existential, psychodynamic, family systems and group therapy.

This book provides an in-depth exploration of various approaches to brief therapy and their underlying theoretical constructs.

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