Tagungsband: Die Welten von Psyche und Soma – Zur Verbindung von Psychoanalyse und Neuropsychiatrie

Die Welten von Psyche und Soma – Zur Verbindung von Psychoanalyse und Neuropsychiatrie

Gedenksymposion für Frau Universitätsprofessor Dr.in med. Dr.in phil. Margarete Minauf im Meerscheinschlössl in Graz am 25. November 2017

Theorien und Methoden der Psychologie, volume 6

Hamburg , 182 pages

ISBN 978-3-8300-9892-8 (print)
ISBN 978-3-339-09892-4 (eBook)

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One part of our thinking about human existence concerns the links between psyche and soma, internal world and body. Cultural context and the current state of scientific knowledge determine the answer to this “psychophysical problem”. As “a branch of psychology” (S. Freud), psychoanalysis considers human beings on different theoretical foundations and thus differently to biologically informed neuropsychiatry. Presenting a range of psychoanalytic, philosophical and somatic medical papers, this volume underpins the thesis that psychoanalysis and neuropsychiatry are reconcilable and that their united propositions give rise to a more precise image of the human being.

The contributions in this book deal with the following topics: the dynamics of psychosomatic illnesses, constitutional dispositions to mental symptoms, physical therapies for treating mental health problems, psychoanalytic understanding of illnesses with pronounced organic causes, physical expression of mental processes that have not been understood, making unconscious ideas conscious, the role of emotions in the confrontation with inner and outer reality, the benefit of comparing and contrasting psychoanalysis with other psychological disciplines and the categorial difference between the psychological and the biological world, and indeed deepening our understanding of the psychophysical problem with the aid of the concepts and methods of philosophy.

By interpreting freely associated thoughts, psychoanalytic methods afford therapists and patients an insight into inner life like no other psychological technique. But even in terms of its theory and practical approach, the psychoanalytic method defies positivist quantification. Investigating the subjective must nevertheless be regarded as a valid science, otherwise the subject itself would lose its validity. In terms of categories, the somatic, biological, neuropsychiatric approach is different, devoted as it is to the organic equivalent, its functional structures that can be grasped by means of neuroanatomy, and its regulatory systems. Psychoanalysis and biological psychiatry are not in contradiction to each other. Both create their own set of instruments and both sciences are crucial for understanding and treating people.

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