Forschungsarbeit: La Marseillaise – Lieu de mémoire im Wandel der Zeit

La Marseillaise – Lieu de mémoire im Wandel der Zeit

Schriften zur Kulturwissenschaft, volume 121

Hamburg , 226 pages

ISBN 978-3-8300-9887-4 (print)
ISBN 978-3-339-09887-0 (eBook)

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An anthem, a symbol, a women, a memory space. 1792, dabbling under the influence of enthousiasme and patriotism, the amateur composer Claude-Joseph Rouget de Lisle created over night a masterpiece of an hymn. Rouget de Lisle's 'Chant de guerre pour l'armée du Rhin', as was the original title, has turned out to be an enthralling literary and musical oeuvre which found its own way and outlasted its masters time after time. Just a few month after the creation of the 'War Song for the Rhine Army', its melody and text conquered France, not from the east where the song was created but from the south and by the voices of the regiment of volunteers marching from Marseille. Leaving its creater and first master behind, this tune found its way to the heart of France and received a new name: La Marseillaise. This song has probably never been 'just' a tune. Over the last 200 years the Marseillaise has inspired new pieces of art, been the subject of an oeuvre or been refered to in a poem i.e. This composition has participated in Revolutions and outlasted even times of oblivion just to rise again like Phoenix from the ashes to inspire peoples anew. Rulers like Napoleon Bonaparte feares her power, others like the poet and thinker Johann Wolfgang von Goehte admired her for the same and other historic figures sought to use her for their purposes. With this publication Annabel Talavera de Schyrbock has drawn up a renewed way to look at the Marseillaise as a memory space of the French Republic, a lieu de mémoire according to Pierre Nora. This book 'La Marseillaise – lieu de mémoire im Wandel der Zeit' highlights the life and works of the Marseillaise, starting 1792 until today. In 1984, the first tome of the series 'Lieux de mémoire' was published by Pierre Nora and included an essay on the Marseillaise. Unlike this original essay, this present publication includes new points-of-view on the topic of the Marseillaise as a symbol of the French Republic, and as an significant factor concerning its use in public and civic life, in a sports event or else in a film production.

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