Doktorarbeit: Establishing Strategic Fit in the Positioning of Logistics Service Providers

Establishing Strategic Fit in the Positioning of Logistics Service Providers

An Evaluation of Repositioning Potentials with a Special Focus on Technologies

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Logistik-Management in Forschung und Praxis, volume 61

Hamburg , 512 pages

ISBN 978-3-8300-9611-5 (print)
ISBN 978-3-339-09611-1 (eBook)

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Permanently changing external requirements occur for Logistics Service Providers (e.g. changing customer demands, new regulations, and increased competition). However, opportunities exist for them as well (e.g. new technological developments, reduction of market boundaries). The study found evidence for existing shortcomings of Logistics Service Providers in making use of opportunities, or rather in addressing changes successfully. In consequence, their current positioning might not fit the given external requirements, and a repositioning becomes necessary. Accordingly, underlying positioning variables (resources, capabilities, strategies, and characteristics) might be adjusted.

The book describes a five-stepped approach in order to analyze repositioning potentials for companies from the perspective of the Resource-Based-View (RBV). The approach compares the status-quo in positioning with externally given options and constraints, in order to identify and assess repositioning potentials. Thereby, the different steps are applied to the case of Logistics Service Providers, whereas a special focus is given to the role of logistics technologies in achieving (sustained) competitive advantages. The empirical data that was required for the analysis was gained through different surveys (financial performance analysis, expert interviews, PESTLE analysis, and simulation).

With regard to the main results, the study outlines recommendations for Logistics Service Providers in order to make use of identified repositioning potentials. Those recommendations are given in terms of concrete adjustments of resources, capabilities, and strategies. Considering logistics technologies, the investigation found evidence for possible repositioning activities as well as an achievement of competitive advantages, based on their implementation. However, it was further found that logistics technologies have to fulfill certain prerequisites in order to lead not only to temporarily, but also to sustained competitive advantages. Those prerequisites are outlined in the book as well.


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