Forschungsarbeit: Kunstvermittlung als soziale Praxis

Kunstvermittlung als soziale Praxis

Eine Studie über künstlerische Arbeit mit Jugendlichen

Forschungspreis der Josef Popper Nährpflicht-Stiftung 2013

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EUB. Erziehung – Unterricht – Bildung, volume 180

Hamburg , 142 pages

ISBN 978-3-8300-9419-7 (print) |ISBN 978-3-339-09419-3 (eBook)

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My work focuses on the KOMM! Project and the question and analysis of how art projects, especially the creation of artistic works, impact and encourage the positive self-image and social inclusion of socially disadvantaged youth. At its core, the project investigates what methods can positively contribute to this advancement.

Theories of social inequality, specifically those connecting exclusion experiences and the socio-economic status of school-aged students, provide a catalyst for the project. Continuing from there, the project interweaves the perception of others and self-perception with the help of the theories of the sociology of emotions. Their connection results in realizing that one�€™s socio-economic position and its placement within social hierarchies can have an effect on self-perception and the perception of others. From the hypothesis that states that there is a connection between a negative self-image and being socially-disadvantaged, I sought to analyze how art-mediation could promote social inclusion and a positive self-image. Additionally, I discuss the history of art-mediation and its current status within the museums that are becoming places of social participation.

The empirical data comes from the observation and interviewing of participating students, project leaders, and school teachers throughout KOMM! Project.

Based on the empirical results, socially disadvantaged youths experience positive outcomes educationally and socially from participating in art mediation programs. Specifically, learning new concepts promotes individual learning skills while creativity and teamwork promote a positive self-image.

Incorporating art projects in curriculums and within communities is a topical discussion within educational discourses. Based on the analysis, positive outcomes stem from a lasting cooperative project-based relationship between educational institutions and art, specifically those connecting schools, contemporary art museums, and artists. Through these continual collaborations, there can be further development of art-mediation programs for an ever-broadening target group that can expand to include youths in all the difficult developmental phases and socio-economic statuses.

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