Forschungsarbeit: Street Art / Urban Art

Street Art / Urban Art

Der Weg von illegalen Graffiti und legalen Murals

Schriften zur Kunstgeschichte, volume 62

Hamburg , 126 pages

ISBN 978-3-8300-9248-3 (print)
ISBN 978-3-339-09248-9 (eBook)

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Currently terms like street art, urban art, graffiti or murals are throughout the land. Banksy has become one of the most popular street art artists in the art market and his works are much in demand than ever. But where starts street art? When we use the term of urban art? Let the two forms combine themselves if we can say combining and no more than co-existence?

Find out more about the criminal context of graffiti and street art. Read how graffiti has become a national problem and how the state took first measures against the new art form. Also the book give an understanding about the view of sprayer and explain the motivation of the young people. To this a few street art careers are introduced and particularly the case of the sprayer OZ.

In contrast, urban art is generally accepted as a legitimate art form by many residents and passersby. By contracting the artists are often defined in their motifs. Gain knowledge of murals and how they were used territorially and commercially. Get insights of facade art, art markets and value of art plus institutionalization and gentrification of art.

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