Doktorarbeit: Die Werberegeln des Rundfunks in Deutschland

Die Werberegeln des Rundfunks in Deutschland

Eine Untersuchung des aktuellen Werberechts unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Produktplatzierung

Schriften zum Medienrecht, volume 43

Hamburg , 386 pages

ISBN 978-3-8300-9224-7 (print)
ISBN 978-3-339-09224-3 (eBook)

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With the approval of product placements in German television and radio the 13th RÄStV takes the most far-reaching opening of advertising law in the recent past - and gives a common but frequently discussed practice a legal framework in the course of harmonization with European law. The new rules should receive particular attention, since they modify previously effective principles of advertising law and thus open up new forms of advertising within the editorial program.

Featuring an illustration of 90 years of advertising history the author acknowledges the significant share of the advertising on the development of the broadcasting system in Germany. Subsequently, the author creates a substantial link between freedom of broadcasting, radio and television advertising and the financing of broadcasting in order to show the constitutional quality of the advertising rules. This results in a complex set of interests in the legal field of radio advertising reveals: On the one hand there are the wide-ranging needs arising from the constitutional position and tasks of television and radio with regard to the opportunities for commercial advertising. On the other hand indicates the need for establishing the boundaries to protect the interests of all parties, within which the broadcasters and the advertising can move driving economy.

To illustrate the branched codification of the law on advertising, the relevant legal sources for the advertising rules are named and explained. On this basis, the current legal situation is systematically identified, both in terms of existing advertising rules for public and private broadcasting as well as in compliance with general advertising rules applicable to business competition.

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