Dissertation: Die Textsorte „Bescheid“

Die Textsorte „Bescheid“

Eine kontrastive Untersuchung zur Verwaltungssprache in Deutschland und Benin

Studien zur Germanistik, volume 64

Hamburg , 328 pages

ISBN 978-3-8300-9154-7 (print)
ISBN 978-3-339-09154-3 (eBook)

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This paper deals with the Benin‘s and German’s technical texts, especially legal and administration texts; specifically the « Decision/Verdict » text types. As Benin’s equivalent to the German term „ Bescheid“ can one cite : „décision exécutoire“=[binding decision] or.. „décision exécutoire unilatérale“=[unilateral enforceable decision], „avis“=[notification], „information“, „réponse“=[response], „notification“, „confimation“ etc.

The text corpus is based on inductiv empirical reseach and consists of 10 texts. Five of them (1149 words) are from the Benin’s fiscal authority and the rest (4541 words) are from different German administration branches.

The analysis aims at examining the structure of the Benin’s and German’s decision-texts with a leading aspect of how far they are intelligibly relevant, recipient oriented, relationships promotiong or service oriented, namely from the perspective of an ordinary citizen without any type of special or professional knowledge.

With contrastive examination, the method of comparison may have different goals, as (Baumann 1992, 29). From the perspective of applied liguistics, the intra- and/oder interlingual comparison of professional texts aims primarily at demonstrating their structural and functional similarities and differences.

Since the concept of structuring signal serves as basis of the study for macro-structures, it will be examined in this work , whether and to what extent this concept can contribute to the assurance of communicative adequacy; this includes the assurence of understanding the contents as well as the detection of the sender 's intention by the recipient. For this purpose, the text linguistic analysis of model K.-D. Baumann will be presented and it will be examined whether this is suitable for the purpose of this work. It will be elaborated on the eight structuring signals from K.-D. Baumann, whereby the method of contrastive analysis will be applied.

Furthermore, this work should serve as a contribution to a recipient adapted formulation of decision texts. In particular, the wok will examine whether and to what extent the texts from both countries have room for improvement and in what aspects the training of the public officials should be adapted to these needs.

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