Forschungsarbeit: Beurteilung des Zusammenhangs zwischen einem gesundheitsförderlichen Lebensstil und der Produktivität im Unternehmen

Beurteilung des Zusammenhangs zwischen einem gesundheitsförderlichen Lebensstil und der Produktivität im Unternehmen

Ein systematischer Review

Gesundheitsmanagement und Medizinökonomie, volume 44

Hamburg , 176 pages

ISBN 978-3-8300-9061-8 (print)
ISBN 978-3-339-09061-4 (eBook)


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in: Arbeitsmedizin, Sozialmedizin, Umweltmedizin, ASU 11.2016

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Current challenges in the corporate world of today with its meritocracy require high-performing employees in order to maintain a high, sustainable level of a company’s productivity. With this in mind, the correlation between a health promoting lifestyle of the employees and the productivity of a company is analysed fundamentally. The health promoting lifestyle is represented by the categories “physical activity”, “overweight/obesity” and “cigarette consumption”. The indicator variables for productivity are “absenteeism” and “presenteeism”. Methodically, the latest results of science and research are systematically reviewed in order to improve the current information available. The results are expected to provide relevant information for decision-makers on questions of investment in workplace health promotion measures. The systematic literature search identified 17 studies that corresponded to the inclusion criteria. The assessment of the content of the studies is based essentially on their methodical quality.

All in all, a positive correlation tendency between physical activity and productivity can be stated. Regarding the correlation between Overweight or the degree of excess weight and productivity, the statistical connection is indeed reasonable. In terms of cigarette consumption, the evaluated data exhibits a statistical upward tendency towards the acceptance of the research question. However, there are a few conflicting results.

Overall, based on the results, a positive statistical relationship between the analysed categories of a health promoting lifestyle and the productivity is reasonable. It is apparent to the results that building on the improved evidence requires further high quality research, such as meta-analysis, in order to verify the identified clear tendency. Following this, profound decision support could be given.


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