Dissertation: Zusammenhang von medizinischer Ergebnisqualität und Zertifizierung von Krankenhäusern in Deutschland

Zusammenhang von medizinischer Ergebnisqualität und Zertifizierung von Krankenhäusern in Deutschland

Qualitätsmanagement, volume 14

Hamburg , 190 pages

ISBN 978-3-8300-9005-2 (print)
ISBN 978-3-339-09005-8 (eBook)

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Hospitals increasingly take advantage of certifications as a proof of quality, mainly for advertising purposes, addressing patients, referring physicians, and payers. However, certifications of hospitals are commonly predicated upon the evaluation of structures and processes of care. Thus assessing the outcome quality being the crucial dimension of quality in health care is discarded to the greatest extent. Despite these issues many health professionals perceive quality management and also the certification itself as a redundant instrument of bureaucracy. Last but not least the increasing number of hospital certifications confirms the topicality of this issue. The benefits of hospital certifications are not proven in an adequate scientific manner mainly due to lack of proper scientific approaches. This work is therefore an important contribution to the empirical evidence of a link between certification of hospitals and a higher quality of health care services.

For understanding of this topic, a systematic review of the literature first echoes the current state of research in international context. The conceptual implementation of outcome-driven measurement of health-related service quality is one of the biggest challenges this thesis deals with. Complexity and individuality of actual care as well as the lack of conceptual clarity have been factors setting up methodical barriers to quality measuring purposes in this area.

By using hospital billing data and propensity score matching the author draws a comparison between certified and non-certified hospitals in terms of health care quality in Germany. Not only KTQ certifications will be considered in this study but also other certification systems used in German hospitals. In doing so, this work clearly show the strength and weaknesses of the use of medical administrative data in health care issues.

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